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Contact Us: 727-734-8200 or Email:
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The Plainsmen Gallery releases a painting and NFT by nationally collected artist Steven Lang!

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“Opening the Medicine Bundle” is a beautiful 12” x 16” oil on canvas by nationally known artist Steven Lang.  An enhanced digital version of this painting will be registered on the blockchain as an NFT.  The NFT can then be held as a collectible or resold by the legally registered owner.

The traditional painting and the digital art will be sold through the Plainsmen Gallery in Florida.

Link to the multi-media image of "Opening the Medicine Bundle" Original oil painting and digital art by Steven Lang:

The artist's description:

In this painting “Opening the Medicine Bundle,” The Blackfoot Warrior chants softly while he slowly and reverently lays out the contents of his medicine bundle, as the smoke from the burning sage carries his prayers upward to the Great Spirit.   

Art of the West Magazine will feature an article about this exciting new concept in their September issue.

For more information about this beautiful piece by Steven Lang email or call 727-734-8200.                             

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