Contact Us: 727-734-8200 or Email:
Contact Us: 727-734-8200 or Email:
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The Plainsmen Gallery of Dunedin, FL hosts a champagne reception on Saturday, March 11 from 1 - 3:30

This event takes place at The Plainsmen Gallery, 2141 Main Street, Suite H, Dunedin, FL. Meet nationally-known artists David Yorke and David Wang at the reception, while viewing their gorgeous new original paintings and giclee prints. Paintings, bronzes and prints by 16 other award-winning artists will also be featured, including many artists from the James Museum in St. Petersburg!

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"Into the Light" by David Yorke

"Fast Moving Clouds" by David Wang

"Backstage" by Lynn Wade

"Her Buffalo Robe" by Steven Lang


"Hayden Valley Wolf" by Bonnie Marris

"Courage" by Victor Blakey

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For more info: 727-734-8200 or

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