Contact Us: 727-734-8200
Contact Us: 727-734-8200
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"Looking for the Enemy" Oil by Victor Blakey
 "Fall Harvest" October 23 - November 30
Location: The Plainsmen Gallery, 2141 Main Street, Dunedin, FL.  Featuring paintings, sculptures and drawings by:  Victor Blakey, John Coleman, Nicholas Coleman, Jim Eppler, Randy Galloway, Peter R. Gerbert, Tom Gilleon, Sandy Graves, Grant Hacking, Deborah LaFogg, Steven Lang, Dennis Logsdon, Bonnie Marris, Jack Muir, Ed Natiya, John Nieto, Dustin Payne, Grant Redden, Charles Rowe, Tom Saubert, John and Suzie Seerey-Lester, Geoffrey Smith, Terry Smith, Trevor Swanson, Ed Takacs, Ezra Tucker and David Yorke.   Gallery Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday 2-5pm, Friday 1- 5pm, Saturday 1-4pm or by appointment.  Payment Methods: Paypal is accepted thru this website. Credit cards & checks are accepted by phone or at the gallery. For more information please call or email: 727-734-8200 or