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Contact Us: 727-734-8200 or Email:
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John Coleman, CA

The Plainsmen Gallery is proud to represent the Original Art, Bronzes and Giclee Prints by award-winning artist John Coleman, CA.
John Coleman is widely regarded as one of today's most prominent Western artists. "My favorite type of art is the kind that tells a story that is deeper than what you see on the surface. I believe art is about putting a physical face on a spiritual idea. As an artist, I try to provoke the viewer's imagination and participation into my sculpture, to get them to question what is really going on."
"Each piece tells a story in the three dimensional, a visual mythology written by my hands and spiritual imagination, somehow linking us to the past and bringing us to a greater understanding of our ancestors.”
John was voted into The National Sculpture Society of New York in 1999.  He was invited to join the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America in 2001. His first exhibit with the group was in 2002 and he received the Silver Medal in sculpture for his larger than life "Kokopelli." Since then, He has won numerous Gold and Silver Medals for his artwork at the CAA Shows.
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